Bedside Blend Pink Dusk Candle


Bedside Blend Pink Dusk Candle

Our Pink Dusk hand poured, natural candle has been formulated with Pure Lavender & Rose Geranium Essential Oils to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary.  

This is the perfect companion for your bedtime routine that will ensure a feeling of calm as you transition from day to night.

As you inhale the aroma, the essential oils are absorbed into your bloodstream, allowing you to benefit from their soothing effects as they relax the mind and body to promote a good night's sleep whilst you indulge your senses.  

The lavender scent helps activate the brain in such a way that slows the heart rate and allows muscles to relax while the Rose Geranium Essential Oil is a relaxing aroma that has a grounding effect; reducing the feelings of stress and nerves. 
It also balances mood swings related to hormonal shifts and relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression.

How to Use

Light this candle before your evening shower or bath allowing the fragrance to fill the room.  Keep out of reach from drafts, children and pets.  Never leave a burning candle unattended.


“The sun kissed the sky and the sky blushed."


Key Features

- Irish Handpoured

- 20cl Aromatherapy Candle

- Sustainable Eco Rapeseed & Coconut Soy Wax

- Vegan & 100% Plant Based

- Clean Burning with No Waste

- Burning Time 45 Hours

- Therapeutic Pure Lavender & Rose Geranium Essential Oils


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